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College Planning & Resources

College Planning


There are various resources offered in this section that will give parents and students information they need in order to choose a college or university that best fits their dreams and goals.

High school counselors are available to:

  • Assist students with the college decision making process that includes searching for colleges and universities that are suitable for each individual student.
  • Advise students in relevant testing such as the SAT and ACT including testing dates, registration, and practice tests.

  • Provide comprehensive college planning presentations for grades 8-12 as well as parent nights on topics such as financial aid, college athletics, and transitioning to college.

  • Assist with college and career exploration using Naviance Family Connection.

  • Counsel students and parents with any questions and/or concerns related to academic advising and college planning.



    For students considering college opportunities please review our 4-Year or 2-Year “College Planning Guide Book” linked here:

 If you missed the Virtual Junior College Planning Night presentation - click here to watch the video.


Junior College Planning Night



2:00 - College Admissions Game Video

9:30 - Transcript Reviews (Variety of topics discussed)

37:00 - College Essay Discussion

44:20 - College Interview Discussion

49:10 - Letters of Recommendation Discussion

55:30 - Extracurricular Activity & Resume Discussion

1:01:30 - SAT & ACT Discussion

1:08:30 - How to Apply (Common App v. College App)

1:12:30 - In-Person v. Virtual College Campus Tours

1:18:00 - Questions from Families

1:26:40 - Closing Words of Wisdom from the Panel

1:32:40 - Naviance Overview

1:46:00 - College Fairs

1:47:30 - Senior Scholarships

1:48:50 - Financial Aid Overview

Here is a slideshow version of this presentation as well.